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Bionicle The Next Generation
Turaga Elders of Mata-Nui
Voriki the new toa!
Rahi / Makuta
Bohrok / Bohrok-Kal / va
BIONICLE Photo Album


This is the legend of the BIONICLE. The great island that we named after the great spirit himself Mata-Nui. This island was a paridise, but not for long. Mata-Nui summoned us, the Matoran. But Mata-nui's brother Makuta. Makuta put a speel on Mata-Nui, the spirit fell into a eternal slumber. Makuta wanted to releas shadows and darknes upond the land. And released it he did.

On this site you will find out things you didnot know about the BIONICLE legend ! Enjoy!!!!!!

The Toa Nuva
Protectors of Mata-Nui

What's New?

Be sure to look at the bionicle album for cool pictures of the bionicle!!!

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